Ashburn, VA


Friendship, Love/Relationship, Action/Sex

About Me:

Short and simple of it all is this: I am a nice guy, I am what most people would consider hot, and at the end of the day my prime concern is to have enjoyed life and been the best person I possibly could be to myself and those around me. If you think I am hot, and you happen to be relatively near my age, and your are local, and your are decent person, and it doesn't hurt if you are hot too, then please, feel free to say hi. If I don't respond right away, just means i am not at my computer, and if I don't respond at all, just means that I don't think that you are what I am looking for. Don't take it personal, after all, what we are talking about is what I am looking for, not who you are. Thanks, and hope you have a great day/night.